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'The Throwback' is a warm, hilarious, hug celebrating 'supermoms' and the families that love them.


Hold on tight for a midlife rollercoaster like no other in “The Throwback.” A married couple, deep in the trenches of a midlife crisis, find their world thrown into hilarious turmoil when underappreciated and stressed-out “supermom” (Justina Machado) suffers a post-traumatic breakdown, causing her to regress to her wild, college-age party-girl self. While she teams up with the neighbor’s 19-year-old daughter (Michelle Randolph) to paint the town red, her bewildered husband (Will Sasso) must navigate the chaos at home.

“The Throwback” illuminates the poignant realization that while dreams may shift and paths may diverge, the essence of family and the power of love remain steadfast, guiding us through the complexities of growth, self-discovery, and the beautifully messy adventure called life.


Justina Machado

Will Sasso

Gregg Sulkin

Michelle Randolph

Bobby Lee

Rhonda Shear

Greg Pitts

Ezra James Lerario

Dylan Costanzo

Tanya Christiansen

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